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Cancer and Radiosurgery Centre

Since 2001, CRC has been dedicated to providing full cancer care services to the community. The goal of CRC is to transform the quality of life for cancer patients by delivering superior patient care through a collaboration of exceptional oncologists, experienced staff and innovative technologies within a multi-disciplinary and an interactive environment.

CRC services extend beyond the conventional management of cancer. We believe that understanding cancer is not only about screening, diagnosing and treating the disease. That is why at CRC we provide support and education to patients, their families and the public through various support groups and individual counselling sessions.

SJMC together with its research arm, Cancer Research Initiatives Foundations (CARIF) are strong advocates of breast cancer awareness. Both have a long standing collaboration with the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) towards various educational programmes and events. The principal aim of CARIF is to consistently conduct high quality research with the objectives of improving patient survival and prevention of this disease.


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Research Articles

The molecular landscape of Asian breast cancers reveals clinically relevant population-specific differences

Molecular profiling of breast cancer has enabled the development of more robust molecular prognostic signatures and therapeutic options for breast cancer patients. However, nonCaucasian populations remain understudied. Here, we present the mutational, transcriptional, and copy number profiles of 560 Malaysian breast tumours and a comparative analysis of breast cancers arising in Asian and Caucasian women.

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Molecular Profiling of Breast Cancer