Paediatric Haemato - Oncology

Paediatric Haemato - Oncology is devoted to the challenging field of childhood cancers. Cancer in children and adolescents are relatively uncommon. Most of the childhood cancers are unknown. A small percentage of cancers in children and adolescents can be linked to inherited genetic abnormalities or exposure to diagnostic or therapeutic radiation.

In addition, the types of cancers children develop, and the biology of those cancers, generally differ from those of cancers diagnosed in adults.

Paediatric Oncologist Is a doctor specializing in childhood cancer and work with the family and other cancer subspecialists to put together a treatment plan. A child’s cancer treatment plan may include a combination of:

  • Surgery to remove the cancerous tissue
  • Chemotherapy (also known as drug therapy)
  • Radiation therapy (high energy x-rays)
  • Targeted therapy, such as immunotherapy (proteins that cause the immune system to kill the cancer or that target specific cancer genes or proteins)
  • Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (strong chemotherapy followed by replacement with new marrow blood cells)

The treatment plan depends on the type of cancer, the cancer’s genetics, and where the cancer is in the body.