IEC Review Procedure

IEC Review Procedure

The IEC Secretary will schedule complete applications for an IEC meeting. Study documents will be circulated to IEC members before the scheduled meeting.

IEC members present at the meeting will decide on an individual study, and a decision will be communicated to the investigator. The decision may be:

  • Study is approved or rejected
  • Revision to the study outline may be required=
  • Additional or amended study documents are needed

Independent Ethics Committee Deadline for Submission And Meeting Schedule 2024

(Documents must reach us by 5pm)
(Subject to change if necessary)
5th February 2024 27th February 2024
8th July 2024 30th July 2024
4th Nov 2024 26th Nov 2024

Key Notes

  • The dates of the IEC Meetings are subject to change.
  • Please note that study applications submitted before the submission deadlines may not necessarily be slotted in for the subsequent month’s meeting as to allow earlier studies submitted to be discussed first
  • Based on our SOP, the review time of a new study from receipt of an application full dossier by the secretariat to the IEC Chair’s first decision is 60 working days.
  • Please plan your study submissions based on the turnaround time for study applications.