Paediatrics ENT, Head & Neck

At Subang Jaya Medical Centre, our paediatric ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctors, also called otorhinolaryngologists, partner together with your family to manage common and complicated ENT disorders in your child.

To provide your child the best care, our otorhinolaryngologists work closely with other experts in the paediatric sub-specialties, like genetics, haematology-oncology, cardiovascular, allergy, nephrology and orthopaedics as required.

We treat a variety of ear conditions including ear drum repairs, hearing, balance and tinnitus. We also help with a range of nose conditions, including nose allergy, sinusitis and polyps. Common conditions within the throat include tonsilitis, breathing problems, sleep disorder, snoring and sleep apnea. We also treat variety of neck concerns that children experience, including infections, abscesses, cysts and enlarged lymph nodes. Additionally, we treat difficulties within the airways including noisy breathing.

Our Paediatricians

Dr Shifa Bt Zulkifli

Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon
Otorhinolaryngology-ENT, Head & Neck Surgery, Paediatrics ENT, Head & Neck