Brain Suite

Brain Suite


SJMC keeps ahead in the field of neurosurgical services with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for a highly sophisticated Brain Suite. The suite features the latest innovative and revolutionary medical technologies including the:

  • Buzz® Digital Operating Theatre
  • BrainLab Curve Image-Guided Surgery System (Curve Navigation System)
  • Kinevo 900 Microscope – The Robotic Visualization System
  • BrainLab Airo Mobile Intraoperative CT scanner system (1st in Malaysia)

The BrainLab Airo Mobile Intraoperative CT scanner system is a portable, high-definition imaging system that has redefined neurosurgical processes. With the use of this latest revolutionary system fully integrated with the earlier acquired Buzz® Digital OT, the Curve Navigation System and the Kinevo 900, SJMC’s Brain Suite is a breakthrough for SJMC’s neurosurgery service and is an advancement that takes SJMC’s patient care to the next level. Intra-operative images from Airo are transferred directly into Buzz and Curve. On-the-spot patient data manipulation is performed on the Buzz and seamlessly pushed to Curve for navigation. Faster and more precise neurosurgery is now possible as the Airo can scan in real time during the surgery to guide the neurosurgeon more effectively during complex procedures, which often leads to quicker, more precise surgeries resulting in better outcomes and less radiation exposure than ever before. Having the mobile CT scanner in the operating room also allows the neurosurgeon to instantly learn whether a procedure is successful. Traditionally with old CT scanners, patients need to be scanned post-operatively to determine the outcome of a surgery because of infection-control procedures. The neurosurgeon had to wait until the patient was out of surgery and recovering the following day before a follow-up scan could be done. With Airo, patients are scanned in the OT and allows surgeons to assess whether they have reached their desired surgical objectives.

A cohesive imaging and patient positioning solution, Airo is ideal for cranial, spine and trauma procedures, making it a highly versatile intraoperative imaging system. High CT image quality increases surgeons’ confidence and supports advanced minimally invasive surgery.

Airo delivers superior detail images of bone anatomy as well as full Hounsfield soft tissue imaging that offers better definition for the spine. This expands clinical decision-making for cranial and other surgical procedures as well. The scan volume of D 50 x 100 cm allows surgeons to image the entire spine in a single scan and to visualize more anatomical context than 3D C-arms. “Virtual MRI”, which elastically fuses pre-operative MRI to intraoperative CT scans from Airo, potentially replaces the need for an intraoperative MRI. Uploaded diagnostic CT or MRI images will be able to show full colour, patient-specific 3D model of brain tumour, healthy tissue and critical brain structures near the brain which will help in decision-making for the surgeon.

Brain Suite offers real-time access to patient data and optimized navigation with pre-operation planning and surgical visualization, thereby increasing surgical efficiency in the OT and enhancing the surgical workflow to minimise procedure risk and reduce procedure time. Data-sharing is possible with colleagues via communication through web-based conferencing.

SJMC’s Brain Suite can be used across different specialties and for complex cases involving the brain (e.g. cranial surgery, skull base tumour removals), spine, neuro, ENT, orthopaedics, trauma and maxillo-facial.