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Why Choose Us

Clinical-grade test
Rapid turnaround time
Largest sequencing capabilities
Consultation from certified genetic counsellor
Comprehensive action plan supported by multidisciplinary team
Accredited and award winning genomics technology and hospital

How Is It Done?

Your saliva, swab or blood sample is collected and sent to our partner laboratory.
Your DNA is sequenced and interpreted.
Your results are validated by a geneticist and scientist.
Your personalised Genetic Test Report is ready.

Using advanced Polygenic Risk Scoring, we analyse 1-30 million genetic biomarkers to determine your risk predisposition due to genomic variants and factors like diet, sleep, stress, and smoking.

Testing for rare, inheritable diseases is direct – it seeks one powerful genetic variant. Complex diseases, however, stem from multiple genetic variants. Polygenic Risk Scoring consolidates these into a single score for disease risk assessment.

This advancement is made possible with our partnership with AGTC Genomics, a leading genomic centre in next-generation sequencing (NGS) equipped with award-winning genomics technologies.


What’s Next?


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Answers to your questions

How long will it take to receive my results?
Your report will be ready within 30 working days.
How will I receive my results?
You will receive a hardcopy of your Genetic Test Report. Our Health Screening Centre will notify you when it is ready. We will then schedule an appointment with our Genetic Counsellor to discuss the results.
Will my genetic test results be leaked to insurance companies or third parties?
Your privacy and data security are our top priority. We do not sell, lease, or rent your data to any third party. We adhere to leading international security standard ISO-27001.
What about insurance discrimination and confidentiality?
We encourage you to speak to your insurance provider if in doubt and before undergoing the test.
Is genetic counselling necessary after the test? Is it included in the cost of the test?
Yes, the genetic counselling session will help you to understand your personalised recommendations and the cost for one session is included.
Do I still need a genetic test if I have family history on genetic disease?
Yes, a genetic test can provide more precise information about your risk for a genetic disease, even if you have a family history.
I've already had cancer. What can I learn from genetic counselling?
Genetic counselling can help you understand if there is a hereditary component to your cancer and assess your risk of developing other cancers. It can also provide guidance on screenings, prevention strategies, and potential implications for family members and family planning.
What can I do if I learn I have an increased chance of getting cancer?
Our genetic counsellor and healthcare professionals can advise on the latest research, screenings, and interventions available. Our multidisciplinary team is here to support your well-being and health journey.