Speech Language Therapy

Speech Language Therapy

Head and Neck Cancer: Impact on Speech and Swallowing

Head and neck cancer and its treatment can sometimes affect your speech and swallowing function.


Depending on the size and location of the tumor, the muscles and structures that support speaking and swallowing functions may weaken because of the disease itself, or due to the side effects of treatment.

When should you consider seeing a Speech Language Therapist?
  • I cough when I drink water
  • The water goes up my nose!
  • The food feels stuck in my throat
  • My speech is not clear
  • Oh no! Why is it so hard to swallow?

If you are a head and neck cancer survivor, and you experience any of the above. You may benefit from an assessment by a Speech-Language Therapist.

A Speech-Language Therapist is an Allied Health Profession who is trained to provide assessment and help people with speech and swallowing difficulties, using a range of techniques that is tailored to their specific problems

What can you expect from a Speech and Swallowing Therapy Session?

A therapy session includes a thorough assessment by a qualified Speech-Language Therapist followed by an individualized therapy plan that is tailored to your specific area of difficulties.

This includes:

Swallowing exercises
Diet modification
Speech exercises