Reconstruction and Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery is an area of medicine which deals with reconstructing or repairing damaged skin and tissue. These highly specialised procedures can be undertaken to repair damage from illness, surgery, birth defects or as part of desired cosmetic improvement.

Specialist plastic surgeons

Our exceptional team of specialist plastic surgeons offer a range of plastic surgery to meet the needs of our patients. Plastic surgery is often undertaken to repair damage as a result of ill health, and can play a vital part in the recovery from illness. Repairing or reconstructing damaged skin or tissue for medical reasons is also supported by the importance of helping improve appearance to ensure our patients live a full and healthy life.

Cosmetic surgery

Alongside our reconstructive surgery we also offer a variety of cosmetic surgeries to help patients seeking surgical support for cosmetic reasons. These specialist cosmetic surgeries can often be undertaken in order to help boost confidence or support a desired physical change, and are always supported by consultation with one of our highly experienced surgical consultants.