Post-COVID Health Check and Recovery Program

Much is still unknown about how Covid-19 affects people over time. However, it is reported that Covid-19 can result in prolonged illness and persistent symptoms, even in young adults with no underlying medical conditions.

Covid-19 may increase the risk of long-term health problems affecting the following organs:

  • Heart
    • damage to heart muscle, heart failure
  • Lungs
    • damage to lung tissue and restrictive lung failure
  • Brain and nervous system
    • Loss of sense of smell
    • Consequences of thromboembolic events such as pulmonary embolism, heart attack, stroke
    • Cognitive impairment (e.g. memory & concentration)
  • Mental health
    • Anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep disturbance
  • Musculoskeletal & others
    • Joint and muscle pain
    • Chronic fatigue

This service is offered to all Covid-19 survivors who may feel well but are generally seeking re-assurance on their health and well-being, as well as those who have recovered, but have yet to feel their normal self or are experiencing lingering health issues.  Patients may be referred by their inpatient or outpatient doctors, or may self-refer themselves directly by contacting SJMC at 

  • 03-5639 - 1591 (Rehab Services)

  • 03-5639 – 1389 (Health Screening Centre)

  • 03-5639 – 1212 (general line)

Our Services

  1. Post-Covid Health Check

    • A consultation and physical examination by our medical officer at the Health Screening Centre (HSC).

    • The following tests are required 

      • General Screening Profile (Regular GSP: blood & urine tests)

      • Chest X-ray

      • Lung function test

    • Access to other key medical specialists, including a counsellor may be coordinated depending on health issues identified (if any) or enrolment into the Post-Covid Recovery Program may be recommended if needed.

    • Our Post-Covid Health Check is offered with a special rate of 40% discount at only RM295

  1. Post-Covid Recovery Program

    • The program is led by our Rehab Physician and consists of an initial consultation with our Rehab Physician followed by a detailed assessment by our team of Rehab Physician and Therapists to identify the nature of health issues

    • A treatment plan that may include a rehabilitative program individualized to patient’s needs will be recommended.

    • A follow up consult with the rehab physician upon completion of program.

    • Patients who are not fit or unsuitable for a physical consultation with the physician, or therapy sessions at the Rehab Centre may opt for Telehealth consultation, and Telerehab online sessions.

    • Clinic Sessions