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About the test

Wondering how your immune system is responding after your COVID-19 Vaccination?
The test evaluates and provides important information about how effective a person’s antibodies are at neutralizing the COVID-19 virus.


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+ Does SJMC offer COVID-19 Neutralizing Antibody Test?
Yes. We offer this test at SJMC. This is a blood test

The price of the test is RM118.00. RM 118 is the total package price if done at the SJMC Health Screening Centre. Additional charges will apply if the test is done at the Outpatient Clinics.

At SJMC, the test is available at the Health Screening Centre and the Outpatient Clinics including Evening Clinics.

No. You can walk-in to our Health Screening Centre (HSC) during business hours to get the test done. However, for outpatient clinics, you will need to call the Contact Centre at +603-5639 1212 to book an appointment with your preferred specialist.

The test will be available at the HSC from Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.00pm and Saturday from 8.30am to 12.30pm. Sunday/Public Holiday is closed for both HSC and Outpatient Clinics.

No. You are not required to fast.

You are advised to do the test 14 days or later, after completion of the 2nd COVID-19 vaccination.

The result will be available in one (1) working day.

Eg. For samples taken in the afternoon, the results will only be released on the next working day.

It gives an indication of your immune status or if you have had COVID-19 infection previously. The explanation will be given with the result.

Measurement of Covid-19 neutralizing antibodies made by your immune system that can effectively block the virus from entering the human cells to cause infection. This can be in response to previous infection or vaccination.



The Covid-19 Neutralizing Antibody test is available for self-pay customers. Should you wish to use a GL for the test, you are advised to check with your company / insurer.

RResult will be shared via email.

Currently there is no guideline on age restriction.

Currently there is no guideline on restriction.

Yes, they can. This is testing the level of immunity in the body.

  1. Post-vaccination: to check whether your body’s immune system shows any response to vaccination; assessment of antibody-associated immunity.
  2. Post-infection: to identify individuals with past exposure to COVID-19.
  3. Baseline screening: to identify immune status for employee screening or possible travelling pre-requisite in the future.

SJMC Sujata Krishnan sujata.krishnan@rsdhealth.com
Jaya Pakerasamy jaya.pakerasamy@rsdhealth.com

Sensitivity = 99.45%
Specificity = >99%

You are advised to ring up the Health Screening Centre (HSC) to arrange an appointment for your family. This is to allow us to properly manage the crowd in compliance with guidelines and SOPs. SJMC HSC Hotline: +603-5639 1389.

Yes. Please proceed to the Health Screening Centre (HSC) or the Outpatient Clinics to get the test done. The test shall be ordered by Medical Doctors.

Health Screening Centre or the Outpatient Clinic will contact you when the result is ready. Result turnaround time is one working day.

Please refer to your health insurance service provider.

A negative result does not completely rule out the possibility of the disease or immune response to the vaccination. Among possible reasons:
  1. Samples from very early (pre-seroconversion) phase
  2. Declining or waning antibody titers
  3. Certain patients with confirmed infection do not produce antibodies