What Happens When Cosmetic Surgery Goes Wrong?

In this episode of Doctor In The House, BFM Producer, Tee Shiao Eek, speaks to SJMC Consultant Anaesthesiologist, Dr Gunalan Palari Arumugam and Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon,  Dr Somasundaram Sathappan.

"In Malaysia, only doctors, nurses and medical assistants are allowed to give injections and perform minimally invasive procedures. So, no one else is allowed to perform any invasive procedures on anyone else. Major surgical procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation, neck lift, tummy tuck and face lift can be done by plastic surgeon and no one else,” said Dr Somasundaram.

“No procedure is harmless; everything comes with risks and benefits. It is about who is performing the procedure. Some beauticians dabble in procedures that they are not trained for and most of the time they are being taught by another beautician. Nothing against them but they need to know what they can and cannot do. Like doctors who are not trained in procedures that are performed by surgeons, that is when things go sour,” he added.

Doctors like Dr Somasundaram and Dr Gunalan are at the receiving end of complications. The most common complications seen are poor quality injectables administered in a non-aseptic manner. This is when infections happen and the cost of managing the complication becomes far more than going for the procedure under the care of a trained personnel.

Social media has created a lot of hype on “I would like to look like this”. Nothing wrong with that but it is all about education and being aware of who is doing what to you. A little bit of research and getting the right information will help the consumer a long way. 

Source: BFM