Subang Jaya Medical Centre Inspires Young Minds with Cahaya Sin Chew Sponsorship to Two Secondary Schools

Rachel Woo (middle) sponsored Cahaya Sin Chew magazine at the handover ceremony for SMK Subang Utama and SMK USJ 13. On her left are Joanne Tay, Aik Mee Hea, Chow Siew Yee, and Koh Aik Boon, and on her right are Long Jia Xiang, Choong Sook Fay, Ngu Ting Ting, and Ng Ching See.

In support of nurturing students' reading interests, improving their writing skills, and expanding their horizons, Subang Jaya Medical Centre has sponsored Cahaya Sin Chew magazines for SMK Subang Utama and SMK USJ 13.

Both SMK Subang Utama and SMK USJ 13 will receive 120 copies of Cahaya Sin Chew magazines for 24 issues, distributed to Chinese language class students.

Introducing Healthcare to the Younger Generation

Rachel Woo, Chief Operating Officer of Subang Jaya Medical Centre, expressed that sponsoring Cahaya Sin Chew in two Subang Jaya schools was a way to give back to the community and benefit young learners. 

"Apart from community support, we aim to introduce the healthcare field to the younger generation due to a shortage in nursing teams, hoping they'll take an interest and understand hospital operations."

Ng Ching See, Director of Nursing at Subang Jaya Medical Centre, shared that while one issue isn't costly, it may burden some families. The hospital's sponsorship can greatly impact lives, enabling learning and growth through knowledge.

She mentioned that besides supporting schools and Cahaya Sin Chew, the hospital also aims to raise awareness of the healthcare industry and how it operates. It's important for students to understand this industry to make informed career choices, as students often lack knowledge about these industries when filling out their career preferences.

She noted that the younger generation lacks awareness of nursing as a profession and hospital work environments. Failing to provide them with opportunities to understand could limit their career choices.

"This awareness needs to start with education, so we support schools, hoping that students can expand their knowledge."

Enhancing Students' Reading Interests

Chow Siew Yee, Head of the Chinese Language Committee of SMK Subang Utama, mentioned that with SJMC's sponsorship, English-speaking students can now explore Chinese reading materials beyond their curriculum, enhancing their reading interests.

Meanwhile, Ngu Ting Ting, Head of the Chinese Language Committee of SMK USJ 13, mentioned that while some students were initially hesitant to make purchases, the introduction of free magazines has sparked excitement, and they eagerly anticipate the weekly deliveries.

Other attendees at the event included Joanne Tay, SJMC's Head of Brand Communications & Digital Marketing, Aik Mee Hea, Chinese Language Teacher at SMK Subang Utama, Choong Sook Fay, Chinese Language Teacher at SMK USJ 13, Koh Aik Boon, Senior Manager of Sin Chew Daily Central Malaysia (Selangor/East Coast), and Long Jia Xiang, Senior Manager of Sin Chew Daily (Kuala Lumpur). 

Source: Sin Chew Daily