Innovative Diabetes Solutions: Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC) Introduces Advanced Technology for Diabetes Management

SJMC's Diabetes Care Services team and Professor Emeritus Dr Chan Siew Pheng (2nd from right) at the Diabetes Asia 2023 Conference. 

Selangor, 15 November 2023 – Managing diabetes is challenging and can leave patients overwhelmed. Just in time for World Diabetes Day (WDD), Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC) revealed innovative diabetes solutions using advanced technology to help patients better manage their glucose levels. SJMC also recently successfully conducted a Clinical Improvement Project on ‘Reducing Early Morning In-Patient Hypoglycaemia Incidence’. The multidisciplinary approach aims to enhance diabetes wellness with technology and precision care.

To simplify diabetes management, SJMC is leading the way by adopting the use of the innovative 780G Hybrid Automated Insulin Pump. This pump automatically suspends the delivery of insulin when blood glucose is low and automatically delivers a small amount of insulin every 5 minutes when blood glucose is high to reach the targeted blood glucose level. This innovation is particularly beneficial for those with Type 1 diabetes.

According to Ms Yong Lai Mee, the Diabetes Care Services Manager at SJMC, advanced technology plays a crucial role in helping people prevent and manage diabetes in today's fast-paced lifestyle. “Educating the public about the risk factors of diabetes and the importance of early detection is paramount. The public needs to understand that knowledge and technology are their first lines of defence against this chronic condition.”

SJMC also offers patients Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) technology for remote data access and diabetes management advice. With CGM, diabetes patients no longer need to prick their fingers to monitor their blood glucose levels. Instead, they can wear a small sensor on their arm that continuously monitors their blood glucose levels and sends the data to a smartphone app. This allows patients to see their blood glucose levels 24/7 and take necessary actions to maintain good diabetes control.

A multidisciplinary care team is essential to assist patients to optimally utilise these innovations and at SJMC, its collective knowledge and skills contribute to more accurate diagnoses, effective treatment plans, and improved overall patient outcomes.

Mr Andrew Liao, a patient at SJMC shared about the benefits of CGM technology. "Before CGM, managing my diabetes felt like a constant guessing game. CGM has become my lifeline, offering a real-time window into my blood glucose levels. It is a liberating experience, enabling me to take immediate control and lead a healthier life."

Besides the introduction of advanced technology, precision care is important in diabetes management. SJMC recently successfully conducted a Clinical Improvement Project on ‘Reducing Early Morning In-Patient Hypoglycaemia Incidence’.

In this research, it was found that serving a pre-bed snack to patients at risk of hypoglycaemia can significantly reduce the incidence of early morning hypoglycaemia (between 4.00am to 8.00am). In a 24-week post-intervention audit involving 431 diabetic patients, hypoglycaemia incidents plummeted to just 14%, accompanied by a 22% relative reduction in early morning hypoglycaemia.

Most notably, patients adhering to the recommended snack regimen experienced zero hypoglycaemic incidents; with 56% maintaining blood glucose levels within the target range compared to 61% risk in those patients who did not receive the snacks. Hypoglycaemia increases in-patient mortality risk. Optimal glycaemic control is important for wound healing and immune function in diabetic patients. SJMC was recently awarded the Best Poster Award at the Diabetes Asia 2023 Conference for this research, showcasing their dedication to advancing the understanding of diabetes and finding innovative solutions.

Advancing the Fight Against Diabetes in Malaysia

Professor Emeritus Dr Chan Siew Pheng, Consultant Endocrinologist of SJMC

Malaysia is experiencing a steady rise in diabetes cases. “According to the National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) 2019, about 18.3% or 3.9 million of Malaysia’s adult population above the age of 18 suffer from diabetes, with half being unaware of their condition. This alarming statistic reflects a disturbing trend as diabetes can lead to life-threatening complications like heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and blindness,” said Professor Emeritus Dr Chan Siew Pheng, Consultant Endocrinologist of SJMC.

A healthy lifestyle is the foundation for preventing, controlling, and delaying complications of diabetes. Obesity or being overweight is recognised as one of the root causes of Type 2 Diabetes. An estimated 54.2% of the Malaysian adult population is overweight or obese, an increase of 4% from the findings of the NHMS 2019.

“In this day and age, we are in a better position to manage diabetes more effectively than ever before thanks to advanced technology. Let's join hands and fight against diabetes, and create a healthier, brighter future for ourselves and generations to come,” concluded Professor Emeritus Dr Chan Siew Pheng.

As one of the four finalists in the Flagship Hospital Programme 2021-2025 by the Malaysian Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC), SJMC is dedicated to providing innovative healthcare solutions. To learn more about diabetes care, diabetes education and its services, please visit

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