Bringing Healthcare Closer To You Through Connected Care by SJMC

Being in the hospital can be hard for some patients. Fear can quickly become an issue in a sterile environment, as feelings of helplessness emerge. Also not being near to your loved ones can also leave you feeling anxious.

However, today more than ever, patients have a great number of choices to make about the type of medical care they receive.

Quality Care for Every Patient


Bryan Lin, SJMC Chief Executive Officer 

In Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC), they believe in facilitating an integrated and accessible healthcare experience through Connected Care, where expert medical advice is just a touch or call away. This innovative solution will be able to revolutionise the way patients and their loved ones access healthcare services beyond hospital walls. 

“We have a responsibility to bring only the best care to patients — regardless of where they live, because everyone deserves high quality healthcare. On top of that, we wanted to shift from patients to people, from healthcare to health, from hospital to home. Hence, this is why we introduced Connected Care, the first of its kind remote patient care ecosystem in Malaysia where patient’s comfort, convenience and safety are in mind,” said Bryan Lin, SJMC Chief Executive Officer.

Connected Care provides holistic services in 6 areas of care:

TeleConnect: Available daily, SJMC professional nurses and medical officers operate the lines and will be able to further assist with any clinic bookings if your medical issue requires further checks by a consultant.

HomeConnect: Provides professional nursing staff who can assist by visiting your home to carry out nursing services.

SeniorConnect: SeniorConnect is a remote patient monitoring service for elderly patients aged 65 years old and above, who are living independently with a caregiver.

GPConnect (launching soon)*: SJMC will be introducing value-added accessibility to medical advice from their trusted clinicians when you go see your General Practitioner (GP). 

ICUConnect (launching soon)* : SJMC will also be launching their e-ICU service which enables their experienced nurses to check on patients remotely with the help of caregivers at home.

SJMC will also be launching their e-ICU service which facilitates support from critical care trained clinicians to the nurses at the hospital bed side.

HospitalConnect(launching soon)*: Shorter hospital stay is the new healthcare. You can now be discharged safely with a peace of mind to focus on your recovery.

*more information to be available soon

Vital Signs Monitoring 

The kit (right) provided to patients in SeniorConnect – consisting of blood pressure monitor, glucometer, thermometer, pulse oximeter, and Wi-Fi modem and gateway – whereby their vital signs are monitored in real time by SJMC’s TeleConnect team via a clinician dashboard (left). 

According to the Department of Statistics Malaysia, the country will be an ageing population of 15 percent of the total population, by 2035. By the time people reach their retirement age, they could’ve been living in the same home for decades and would rather stay in the comfort of their sanctuary then move into retirement or nursing homes.

This is why SJMC introduced SeniorConnect as they understand the importance of ensuring that every senior receives the utmost care, attention and support. With SeniorConnect, you can have a peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are under the watchful eyes of healthcare professionals who accurately record and closely monitor vital signs daily, and deploy immediate help when necessary.

Should any abnormalities arise, they will be able to flag the situation to medical professionals and advise if the individual needs to visit a nearby hospital or clinic.

Getting the right medical professionals for Connected Care

“Connected Care service providers are highly trained in immediate medical care. We want our medical practitioners to be able to handle immediate life-threatening medical conditions and situations that require sudden, emergent or prompt assistance because we are dealing with ill patients. This is why, for Connected Care, SJMC provides doctors and nurses who primarily take care of patients in the critical care unit or emergency unit as they would have the expertise in the area,” said Bryan.

Making sure borderless connectivity and data accuracy

He further added that before launching SeniorConnect, their remote monitoring kit was piloted by a group of seniors. This was conducted to test the accuracy and stable connectivity even if the individuals are miles away.

Joanne Lee, Director of Business Development, Strategy and Transformation, SJMC (far left) doing a live demonstration of SeniorConnect with Malek Ali, Founder of BFM and Fi Life Insurance (seated).

“Patients who enrol in SJMC’s SeniorConnect programme, will first have to visit the hospital and get a specialist consultation by a doctor, this is to set a baseline that tailors to their needs. Then there will be an onboarding process where the care provider will be trained in taking accurate reading. All these processes are conducted to ensure that there is a high standard of patient care,” said Joanne Lee, Director, Business Development, Strategy and Transformation at SJMC.

We know that patients need to have reliable and understandable information about the level of care our hospital provides in order to make the best decisions possible. Hence this is why we brought healthcare closer to you!

World-class healthcare doesn’t have to cost the world and everyone deserves quality healthcare anytime, anywhere. SJMC Connected Care provides you only the best healthcare, so you can enjoy your life knowing they’ve got your back! 

Source: MalaysiaKini