CT Scan - Somatom

CT Scan - Somatom

SOMATOM Drive with Dual Source technology is the state-of-the-art computed tomography machine recently unveiled in SJMC. Designed to powerfully enhance diagnostic quality and provide more precision, flexibility, and efficiency, SOMATOM Drive is an exceptional new member of SJMC’s radiological team.

With its unique Dual Source technology, SOMATOM Drive expands technology possibility in the area of CT Imaging. The increased speed and power of the Dual Source computed tomography machine, enables handling of unplanned patients in urgent situations.

This means scanning can be done without breath-hold and at a lower radiation dose and also without sedation whilst maintaining low radiation dose level.

Therefore, providing a potential reduction in preparation time and greater flexibility of treating patients of different ages and body types.

Reliable diagnostic results across clinical disciplines as well as a new quality of patient care to cater to more patients than ever before, reducing risks for trauma patients with high speed scanning without breath-hold at a much lower radiation dose. This is regardless of weight or size and getting patients in and out of the radiology department as quickly as possible without compromising image quality.

Because efficiency and precision are so essential, SOMATOM Drive with Dual Source technology’s unique features allow precise, superfast scans at low dose and according to each patient’s individual needs. Unplanned patients are not prepared, which can result in cardiac, breathing, or patient motion during the scan – but thanks to SOMATOM Drive’s free-breathing CT imaging mode, even this challenge can be managed.

CT Scan - Somatom Video