Muhilan's Inspiring Road to Recovery: Overcoming Adversity with SJMC's Timely Care

In May 2022, Muhilan and his group of passionate bikers embarked on an exhilarating journey from Selangor to Perak, with the intention of exploring the diverse landscapes of Malaysia over a span of four days. 

Tragically, during the first day of their trip, Muhilan experienced a severe accident in Pengkalan Hulu, Perak, resulting in unconsciousness. After regaining consciousness, he found himself at the emergency room of Gerik Hospital. However, due to the unavailability of a specialist at that facility, Muhilan needed to be transferred to another hospital. It was then that his cousin suggested the Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC), despite the lengthy six-hour ambulance journey to reach there.

Following the transfer to SJMC, Muhilan was admitted to the hospital where he received immediate medical attention. "After being admitted to SJMC, I spent four days under their care. During this time, the doctor informed me that the nerves in my hand had been injured and would require considerable time to heal." shared Muhilan, reflecting on his initial days at the SJMC.

After being discharged, Muhilan returned to his home in Cyberjaya. However, his road to recovery took an unexpected turn when he experienced a frightening episode of seizures two days later, rendering him unconscious. He was promptly rushed to the nearest hospital, but unfortunately, there were delays in conducting an MRI, a crucial diagnostic tool. Faced with this urgent situation, Muhilan's family took the decision to transport him back to SJMC, where they had experienced prompt and exceptional care before.

Upon his return to SJMC, the expert radiology team wasted no time and swiftly conducted an MRI scan. The results revealed a shocking discovery: Muhilan had 12-13 blood clots in his brain. Fully aware of the gravity of the situation, the doctor immediately proceeded with an angiogram, preparing to remove the blood clots as swiftly as possible. With Muhilan's condition teetering on the edge, his chance of survival was a mere 5%.

Miraculously, the medical team's skillful intervention proved successful, and Muhilan emerged from a coma after a grueling ten days. His journey to recovery was far from over, but with each passing day, he regained strength and resilience.

"Despite my left hand still being paralyzed due to the accident, I consider myself fortunate to have made such a remarkable recovery. I owe a debt of gratitude to SJMC for their swift response and unwavering dedication in saving my life," expressed Muhilan, overflowing with gratitude for the medical professionals who played a pivotal role in his journey.

Muhilan took the opportunity to extend his heartfelt appreciation to his Neurosurgeon, Intensivist, the exceptional team of Nurses, the Rehab Physician, and the skilled Physiotherapists at SJMC who supported him throughout his arduous road to recovery. Their unwavering commitment and expertise provided him with a second chance at life and instilled in him a renewed sense of hope for the future.