Lung Cancer Survivor is First Patient in Malaysia Treated With Tomotherapy Synchrony

Rosli bin Mohd Zain, Lung cancer survivor and the first patient in Malaysia to be treated with Tomotherapy Synchrony.

Rosli bin Mohd Zain, a 64-year-old lung cancer survivor, is the first patient in Malaysia to undergo Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) using Radixact X9 Tomotherapy with Synchrony. This groundbreaking treatment was introduced at Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC) and demonstrates the significant advancements being made in cancer care.

Rosli, a retired senior manager who spent many years working with Proton before starting his own coffee shop after retirement, has been a loyal customer of SJMC for a considerable period. With all his children born and receiving various medical services at SJMC, he holds deep trust in the institution and its exceptional medical team.

In 2018, Rosli was diagnosed with lung cancer when he noticed something unusual in his neck. He promptly underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy at SJMC, experiencing positive results and subsequently undergoing CT scans every six months. However, two weeks prior to his Synchrony treatment, a small tumour was discovered in his right lung, indicating a cancer recurrence.

Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Dr Yap Beng Khiong, was Rosli’s dedicated doctor that recommended undergoing SBRT using Tomotherapy Synchrony. When asked why he chose Synchrony, Rosli first expressed his trust in the hospital and medical team, and then highlighted that the advanced machine offered precise targeting of the affected area while minimising impact on surrounding tissues, resulting in reduced side effects.

Dr Yap Beng Khiong, Consultant Clinical Oncologist (SJMC).

Rosli simply needed to lie still and focus on his breathing for half an hour. His experience with Tomotherapy Synchrony has been overwhelmingly positive. Following his first session, he felt no pain and experienced minimal discomfort. Fatigue was the most significant side effect, aligning with Dr Yap's earlier assurances. Rosli commended Dr Yap and his experienced medical team for their attentive care, stating, "I truly believe this is an exceptional hospital, despite occasional crowding. With a proficient medical team, I was willing to explore this new treatment when it was recommended to me."

Although living with cancer, Rosli endeavours to lead a normal life, striving for people to see him beyond his condition. He pays close attention to his diet, ensuring he consumes sufficient food, and engages in light exercise, often playing golf with friends when possible. He remains hopeful and looks forward to a positive outcome.